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Important Notes on Consolidated Statement

Notes on the RDWMSI Consolidated Statements

1.   Core accounts are accounts that electronically download directly from the financial institutions. It is possible that these downloaded values might be different from your actual quarter end values. (Some firms will go with the last business day of the month, others will go for the values of the first business day following quarter end).

2.   Manual Entries are accounts that do not electronically download to us. Thus manual inputs are done by my office. A few of these companies will not have values until about the 10th day after quarter end. These Manual Entries are updated quarterly only. So if you request for a statement in between quarters, your Manual Entries will reflect values of the last quarter. Some Manual Entries like index annuities are priced only once a year on the policy’s anniversary. 

3.   We try to include all investments and insurances you have with us. If you have an investment or insurances not listed in your reports, please contact our office so we can immediately include them in our next report.

4.   We wanted a way to show the insurances you had with us, so you and I can know what we already have. To do this we had to put 1 cent value on term, disability, long term care, health insurance and medicare supplement.

5.   In the Core Accounts the rate of return incorporates your deposits and withdrawals and the timing on when they were made. Withdrawals might be your systematic withdrawals, required minimum distributions, cost of insurance etc. Manual Accounts just show you the values. Thus if during the year, deposits or withdrawals were done, your rate of return might not be accurate. Despite the shortcomings of the consolidated statement we have, I believe it provides the details we need, the immediate updates of core accounts and gives us the ability to show other positions like insurances. It still is the best we can find that we are allowed to use.